What We Do

Carpet Cleaning

I use the best cleaning products on the market. Using a cheap product gets cheap results. I buy the best and use enough to get optimal results from pre-spraying the carpet before cleaning.

I then use a rotary cleaning machine made by Rotovac to carefully remove the accumulated soil from the carpet. The rotary machine has four water jets on the underside that spray water at about 300 psi around 200 degrees. Behind each jet is a cleaning wand that gently scrubs the carpet releasing the soil to be rinsed and extracted leaving the carpet clean and only damp.

In 38 years of experience, I have learned how to make each room look it's best. As an IICRC certified cleaner, I have spent many hours in classroom training learning to do things right. I'm not an in-and-out cleaner but take the time to do each project as if it were my own.

Dry times vary depending on the density of the carpet nap and the time of year. Obviously summer drying will be faster than winter.

Because I use a great pre-spray, most spots come off with the cleaning. Urine, Koolaid type dye, flood water stain, ink, wine, and some others take some specialty spotting to remove for a nominal additional charge. It's been fun watching the cleaning industry change and create products and tools to achieve results that used to be impossible. After cleaning I finish with a grooming tool brushing the carpet to leave it standing tall.

Furniture Cleaning

With the products and tools available now Furniture cleaning is much easier than it used to be for a professional cleaner. The first consideration is to determine whether the fabric is colorfast by testing in an inconspicuous place. Most fabrics sold in the last 20 years are OK.

I use a pre-spray that has been engineered for cleaning fabric. The soil on furniture is different than in carpet in that there is a lot of skin oil from hands, arms, and hair that collects over time. Food stains are an issue on some furniture pieces especially with young kids around. I pre-spray and do some agitation of the problem areas and then rinse and extract with a tool similar to the one pictured above. Most dry times are 3 to 4 hours.

The pre-sprays I use are all rinse-free leaving the fabric safe and clean.

Tile And Grout Cleaning

With the growing popularity of tile and grout during the '90s, some clever people came up with the invention of tools to solve issues with cleaning. Most tile surfaces are smooth and easily cleaned. The challenge is the grout since by design it sets below the surface of the tile. First, the floor has to be clean of all grit and any debris. I then spray the floor with a pre-spray designed to break down the kind of soil that collects in tiled areas particularly kitchens. After some dwell time for the pre-spray, I use the tool pictured above for the cleaning process. Under the black hood is a spinner with a water jet at each end pointing down. I turn my truck mount water pressure up to 1200 psi and the temperature to 250 degrees. I activate the tool and the spinner moves at high speed blasting the soil out of the grouted surface as I drag the tool across the floor surface. There is a vacuum port around the outer edge of the tool removing the dirt and moisture to the waste tank in the van. Following extraction, I towel off any excess water. The floor is dry in about 15 minutes.

Rug Cleaning

Cleaning area rugs have been an add-on service. However, with the popularity of the wood-look flooring, many homes have done away with carpet to area rugs in their main living spaces. Some of them are almost room size. The construction of the carpet will determine which tool gets used for cleaning. The most common question I get is "can you clean my rug on top of my wood floor? The answer is yes. I have learned to clean the rug without using so high a volume of water to make the backing wet. I use my good pre-spray on them first then go to work with the proper extraction tool followed by brushing up the nap as appropriate. There is usually a little overspray around the edge that is easily toweled up.

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