About Encore Carpet Cleaning

My name is Norman Hall and I am the owner and founder of Encore Carpet Cleaning. I don't have a crew. All work is performed by me. Your satisfaction is my goal. I've pleased some real particular people through the years and I pride myself on a job well done. My desire is for you to want me back when your carpet needs cleaning again.

I have always charged by the square foot rather than by the room because rooms vary greatly from house to house. In one case the consumer can be overcharged and in some cases, not enough is charged. So to be fair the sq. ft. choice works best. I charge only for the area cleaned, not the areas covered by furniture if your choice is to have only the traffic area cleaned.

I am currently working for 35 cents per sq. ft. A 10 by 10 room, EMPTY, is 100 sq. ft. which would come to $35.00. A hallway 3 ft X 15 ft. is 45 sq. ft. at 35 cents is $15.75. Homes built before the 1950s averaged about $150 - $200 for cleaning. Room sizes began to grow in the 60s and 70s.

I am particular about the way I maintain my truck mount machine and equipment. It can mean the difference between a good or poor job completion. A soaked carpet can be the result of poor maintenance.

I am an IICRC certified cleaner for carpet and upholstery which means I have taken classroom courses with hands-on training followed by proficiency testing. The IICRC has established the industry protocol for proper cleaning of carpets and fabric. I have also taken courses in odor control, spotting techniques, and water damage. Having started with a shampoo machine in 1982 I have grown with the industry through the years. It has been a fun ride.

The cost of cleaning the average 3 cushion couch is $79. A love seat is $69 and a recliner is $35. I work with a product called Green Guard as a soil protector for those who value that service

I am a veteran and a retiree who is working not because I need to but because I enjoy my work and meeting people. I am new to Yakima and am looking forward to making many new friends.